A person aged 65 years can now often look forward to a life expectancy well into or beyond their 80's.  Varicose veins might not cause any symptoms but over time they will become progressively larger causing back pressure on the skin around the feet and ankles from the venous hypertension.  This results in tissue damage to the skin around the feet and ankles because of the lack of oxygen and the buildup of toxic waste metabolites. The concern about this is that the skin may breakdown and ulcerate.  Varicose ulceration is the end stage of varicose vein disease and it is a debilitating complication because of the discomfort and substantial inconvenience required due to the long term involvement of nursing care in wound management.  
The Leg Vein Doctor at its Brisbane clinic in Toowong offers various treatment options that can minimize or prevent the eventual complication of varicose ulceration.  Age is hardly ever a barrier for appropriate treatment if there is a risk of venous ulceration of the legs. 

AuthorNicholas Kemp