The Endovenous Laser Therapy (ELT) prescribed at The Leg Vein Doctor differs from laser therapy offered at some other clinics. At The Leg Vein Doctor we do not use surface lasers to treat veins, the laser used at our clinic is actually inserted in to the vein using a catheter.

As with all medical procedures there are safety standards and models of best practice that have been created in order to ensure that patient and practitioner health is not put at risk.

If you are considering laser treatment for your veins you should check that the varicose vein clinic you have chosen adheres to the following:

  • Laser fibres are single use items as they are packaged sterile and so should not be reused as some clinics are reportedly doing to keep costs down. At The Leg Vein Doctor we open the laser fibres in front of the patient and show them thier individual product reference code.

  • Safety eyewear should be worn by the patient, doctor and any assistants when the laser is in use.

  • The clinic should be licenced for the use of laser on the premises with Queensland Health.


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AuthorNicholas Kemp