With a new year comes things to look forward to and over the course of 2013 there are a number of events in which The Leg Vein Doctor is participating in both here in Brisbane and some wider afield. 

The Australasian College of Phlebology 16th Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) is being held during March in Hobart. This event is of interest for a number of reasons. Admittedly the first is because I have never been to Tasmania and I am hoping to utilise my time to fit in a bit of sightseeing to what seems to be an enchanting island. More seriously though, I very much enjoy attending lectures and discussions on developments within the field of phlebology. In the world of medicine, phlebology is considered a relatively young branch, however with the rate of technology and research devoted to the treatment of varicose veins internationally there is a lot to talk about. 

Meeting phlebologists from around the world is also a highlight as it is important to network on a personal level and share experience with other doctors regarding models of best practice for sclerotherapy and endovenous laser ablation as well as other techniques offered overseas. Having received the President's Gold Medal from the Australasian College of Phlebology on top of my proven trackrecord in rural General Practice has allowed me to develop relationships with a wide variety of medical practictioners that have an interest in vascular disease throughout Australia, Europe and America. 

I look forward to sharing my experiences of the conference with you on The Leg Vein Doctor blog page. 

AuthorNicholas Kemp