In winter many of us pull on our trousers and forget about our legs for a few months. However you might want to think again. The cooler part of the year is the best time to commence treatment of varicose vein,  because you are covering up no one will need to know that you are sporting those compression stockings underneath.  Also treatment started now means that you are likely to have your legs looking good and feeling better in time for next summer's beach holiday.

In case you needed another reason...The Leg Vein Doctor has just had the launch of its new Phlebology clinic on Milton Road in Auchenflower. The facilities include multiple purpose built procedure rooms featuring the latest in ultrasound and EndoVenous laser technology. 

Dr Kemp listened to his patients about what would make them most comfortable in the new location and incorporated this in to the design of the clinic. "Many of our patients fit in treatment around work or the school run  so we wanted to create a space in which they felt at ease and could relax when they were with us." he said.

Following treatment patients are required to walk for a short period of time "walking assists with speeding up the healing process along the treated vein, which can lead to better results" explains Dr Kemp. With this in mind a post treatment  zone was created so the walk can be now taken on a treadmill  then patients are free to rest in privacy and refresh before getting back on with their day.

The decor in the reception and waiting room feature pieces from Brisbane based artists and designers and certainly doesn't look like your average medical centre but neither does it look like a spa.  Dr Kemp reflects that "With so many of our patients being men, we wanted the clinic to be gender neutral".  He continues " The feedback has been really positive and it is great to be able to offer our non surgical treatments in medical rooms that have been designed solely for these modern procedures. Making the need to go to hospital to treat varicose veins in Brisbane a thing of the past."

Editorial featured in Style - Brisbane's Prestige Lifestyle Magazine. Dr Kemp is a regular contributor to the Health and Beauty Expert section where he discusses all aspects of Venous Health including frequently asked questions sent in by readers. 

AuthorNicholas Kemp