A significant proportion of patients present at our clinic because they are more concerned about the appearance of surface veins on their legs rather than symptomatic problems such as aching or swelling in their legs. And it is not just ladies – with Queensland’s warmer weather many men are also choosing to treat their unsightly leg veins for cosmetic reasons. Here are my top tips for those considering cosmetic vein treatment:

The first thing to know is that unsightly surface veins usually result from impaired blood flow in veins lying beneath the skin which are failing in their purpose to clear the blood out of the skin.  Careful examination of subsurface veins with Doppler Ultrasound to detect this kind of problem is essential because failure to detect and treat this kind of problem is likely to lead to disappointing results and also increase the risk of "Matting" - a complication which  aggravates the appearance of the surface veins. 

Secondly, be sure to notify your treating doctor of any medications that you might happen to take, including supplemental therapies.  Certain supplements such as Fishoil can sometimes interfere with the treatment and provoke "Matting".

Thirdly, compression stockings – no one likes to wear them but they do mean better results! 

Finally, you need to remember that cosmetic treatments of spider veins is never completely permanent as over time small new surface will grow and  may need continual maintenance. Following completion of your treatment plan your legs should look great. However in a few years time especially you might need a top up session. 

Dr Nick Kemp writes as part of the Expert Team with Style Magazine. You can pick up a copy of the September edition from multiple locations around Brisbane, The Gold Coast and Toowoomba.

AuthorNicholas Kemp