The Leg Vein Doctor is a dedicated phlebology practice in Brisbane and Toowoomba offering a comprehensive range of modern minimally invasive vein procedures including treatment for recurrence of varicose veins post surgical stripping and venous ulcers.

An initial consultation for varicose veins costs $190 including ultrasound scan of the venous system from there an individual treatment plan is put together outlining the procedure, prices and any Medicare rebates.

Patients are examined at the initial consultation to determine the extent of their venous disease and identify the best course of treatment. Options for the treatment of varicose veins include Endovenous Laser - thermal Ablation, Radio Frequency Ablation, Vein Glue (Venaseal and Venablock), phlebectomy and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy (UGS).

Procedures are performed at our clinic in Auchenflower. There is no requirement to attend hospital and General Anaesthesia is not recommended due to the increased risk of DVTs should a patient remain immobile. The treatments at The Leg Vein Doctor are true walk-in walk-out procedures with no downtime or hidden costs.

Dr Kemp (Phlebologist) reviews all patients for a year post procedure to ensure that the treatment has been successful and the patients are happy with their results.

Patients maybe referred on for additional pathology, radiology  or medical imaging tests if there are additional concerns. Patients do not need a referral from their General Practitioner though it is preferable so that a letter can be sent to the GP for the patient’s own health record.

AuthorNicholas Kemp