In May 2019 the Australasian College of Phlebology conference was in Cairns and guest speakers were invited from all around the world.

Dr Lowell Kabnick from the USA and the Immediate Past President of the American Venous Forum informed us that not one person in the USA had their varicose veins treated by conventional surgical stripping in 2018.

Surgical stripping of varicose veins has been superceded by newer technologies such as endothermal venous ablation, endovenous cyanoacrylate closure (Glue) and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy which are now considered best practice.


60 yr old lady with skin damage from refluxing Great saphenous vein.



Endovenous Laser Ablation and U

ltrasound Guided Sclerotherapy.

Not hospitalized - Treated as an outpatient.

Appearance at Six months post treatment.

AuthorNicholas Kemp
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