Long periods of standing in the one position in certain occupations such has hairdressing, nursing or machinery work can often lead to discomfort in the legs and feet. Symptoms such as a vague aching sensation, itchy, restless legs or burning and sweating feet can be due to poor clearance of venous blood out of the legs. 

People affected with venous disease that causes venous incompetence are particularly prone to these symptoms if they are standing for prolonged periods and not walking around. Walking helps clear the blood out of the lower limbs because contraction of the calf muscles compresses the deep veins and this is the mechanism by which venous blood gets pumped up and out of the legs. It’s known as the “Calf muscle pump”.

If you are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms such as just described and your work involves extended periods of standing on your feet without the opportunity of moving about too much, you might be suffering from venous incompetence and poor clearance of venous blood out of your legs due to venous disease. This can often occur without the presence of visible varicose veins.

A duplex venous ultrasound of the saphenous veins and deep veins in your legs is the appropriate investigation for this problem. For many people immediate treatment may not be an option due to pregnancy, work and family commitments or because they do not have direct access to funds for procedures.

Compression therapy in the form of socks or stockings maybe beneficial in relieving some of the symptoms mentioned above through boosting a persons circulation when worn throughout the day. The Leg Vein Doctor now carries a wide range of compression therapy in various grades and forms to fit all sizes. Banish the thought of those white TED surgical / hospital stockings from your mind. The non surgical compression therapy we have is breathable for the Queensland heat and comes in a choice of colours. It is not just for women either, we have men's 'dress' socks suitable to be worn with a suit and a core spun range which can be comfortably worn with work or safety boots. Both the options for men and women are unidentifiable to others so know one need know about your issue.   

Please call the clinic to book an initial consultation should you require more information and advise regarding if these medical accessories could be as suitable option for you pre-treatment. 

Athletic people particularly runners and cyclists frequently present to our clinics in Brisbane and Toowoomba with varicose veins. This is to be expected because of the huge increase in load on the venous system in the legs during intense physical activity which can damage the vein walls in people with a predisposition to varicose veins.

At The Leg Vein Doctor we see a number of patients that have deferred treatment of varicose veins for too long so as to avoid interfering with their sporting schedule. The more prolonged the delay is in treating varicose veins then the higher the risk that microcellular damage to the skin around the lower leg and ankles will occur. In the long term there is a risk of the skin ulcerating – “Varicose ulcers”.

Endovenous Laser Ablation (ELA) or Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy (UGS) are walk-in/walk out, non-invasive treatments offered at The Leg Vein Doctor.  They are clinic based procedures which don’t require hospitalisation and therefore easier to schedule into a busy life.  They have been likened to ‘keyhole’ varicose vein surgery.  Down time is negligible as there is no admission to hospital and no general anaesthetic.  You are back on your feet for a 30 minute walk immediately after the procedure and you can then drive home. Upper body weights can continue following treatment as can low impact exercise such as walking, swimming, yoga and pilates. Short intensity running and cycling can recommence usually within at fortnight as long as the patient is cautious and remains alert to their body.

At the initial consultation you will be provided with a treatment plan which is valid for 12 months. Our reception team will happily work with you to find appointment dates that fit around your training schedule and events calendar.

Please visit our Youtube channel www.youtube.com/thelegveindoctor if you are looking for exercises that can help alleviate discomfort in your legs.



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Medical SuperGlue (Cyanoacrylate glue or Venaseal) occlusion of veins has been getting a bit of press over the last 12 months. It is a fairly new procedure to be offered in Australia and claims to be the fastest method of vein closure. Another advantage is that two legs can be treated at the same time; there is no need for anaesthetic and no need to wear compression stockings post-treatment. However the procedure isn't suitable for all veins, there is a relatively high rate of inflammation post treatment. 


AuthorNicholas Kemp

The Leg Vein Doctor is a private phlebology practice exclusively offering treatments to  patients suffering from venous disease and its manifestations on the lower limbs. Patients are presented with modern treatment options for varicose veins and spider veins in line with international standards of best practice.

Predominately servicing the Brisbane metropolitan area including Ipswich and the Gold Coast, the clinic's reach extends far beyond to country Queensland. Doctor Kemp is committed to providing treatment to rural communities as a Fellow of the College of Rural and Remote Medicine, he runs a monthly clinic in Toowoomba and sees many patients from his former doctors group in Mount Isa. 

Because The Leg Vein Doctor specialises in the removal of varicose veins and spider veins, you will be offered the most suitable treatment for your individual condition. Our team of reception and nursing staff are knowledgeable on the symptoms of venus disease and assisting with patients that suffer from it. Because we are dedicated only to phlebology there is no hidden agenda of up-selling on cosmetic injectable, or vasectomies as other centres might.  

Dr Nicholas Kemp has been mentored by renown Phelobologist A/ Professor  Kurosh Parsi, President of The Australasian College of Phlebology at his centre of excellence; Sydney Skin and Vein Clinic.