If you are at all worried about your leg health or are in pain, winter is a great time to book in at our leg vein clinic for a initial consultation. You will receive a complete medical examination and ultrasound investigation on your legs, I will discuss the findings with you and the best course of action. From there you will have a treatment plan is put together outlining all costs and any Medicare and health fund rebates.   

Most patients require multiple sessions, usually over a few months in order to achieve optimal results. From start to finish you will be taken care of by me (Dr Nicholas Kemp) and we also offer complementary post treatment reviews for a year in order to ensure procedures are fully successful.

Booking in advance offers you the freedom to choose treatment days and accommodate work and family commitments. The Leg Vein Doctors after-hours sessions are particularly popular as the nature of our treatments means there is NO downtime and you can go straight back to work or home to cook dinner for your family!

Modern varicose vein treatments are designed to be walk-in walk-out and this is the model that has practiced in Europe and the United States for many years. General anaesthetics are discouraged because they prevent a patient from being mobile following a procedure, therefore putting them at greater risk of  DVTs.  Not to mention the inconvenience of not being able to drive and requiring someone to collect you.

Early booking also allows you to complete your treatment in the cooler months which is most patients preference as the compression stockings can be hidden under trousers or worn as tights(black available). Perhaps most importantly it means your legs will be ready for the beach before the next heatwave.

Dr Nick Kemp is part of the Style Magazine Body Experts panel which showcases a range of medical and health professionals knowledge. The magazine also features the best of what is on in Brisbane and is produced monthly.  

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Long periods of standing in the one position in certain occupations such has hairdressing, nursing or machinery work can often lead to discomfort in the legs and feet. Symptoms such as a vague aching sensation, itchy, restless legs or burning and sweating feet can be due to poor clearance of venous blood out of the legs. 

People affected with venous disease that causes venous incompetence are particularly prone to these symptoms if they are standing for prolonged periods and not walking around. Walking helps clear the blood out of the lower limbs because contraction of the calf muscles compresses the deep veins and this is the mechanism by which venous blood gets pumped up and out of the legs. It’s known as the “Calf muscle pump”.

If you are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms such as just described and your work involves extended periods of standing on your feet without the opportunity of moving about too much, you might be suffering from venous incompetence and poor clearance of venous blood out of your legs due to venous disease. This can often occur without the presence of visible varicose veins.

A duplex venous ultrasound of the saphenous veins and deep veins in your legs is the appropriate investigation for this problem. For many people immediate treatment may not be an option due to pregnancy, work and family commitments or because they do not have direct access to funds for procedures.

Compression therapy in the form of socks or stockings maybe beneficial in relieving some of the symptoms mentioned above through boosting a persons circulation when worn throughout the day. The Leg Vein Doctor now carries a wide range of compression therapy in various grades and forms to fit all sizes. Banish the thought of those white TED surgical / hospital stockings from your mind. The non surgical compression therapy we have is breathable for the Queensland heat and comes in a choice of colours. It is not just for women either, we have men's 'dress' socks suitable to be worn with a suit and a core spun range which can be comfortably worn with work or safety boots. Both the options for men and women are unidentifiable to others so know one need know about your issue.   

Please call the clinic to book an initial consultation should you require more information and advise regarding if these medical accessories could be as suitable option for you pre-treatment. 

Athletic people particularly runners and cyclists frequently present to our clinics in Brisbane and Toowoomba with varicose veins. This is to be expected because of the huge increase in load on the venous system in the legs during intense physical activity which can damage the vein walls in people with a predisposition to varicose veins.

At The Leg Vein Doctor we see a number of patients that have deferred treatment of varicose veins for too long so as to avoid interfering with their sporting schedule. The more prolonged the delay is in treating varicose veins then the higher the risk that microcellular damage to the skin around the lower leg and ankles will occur. In the long term there is a risk of the skin ulcerating – “Varicose ulcers”.

Endovenous Laser Ablation (ELA) or Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy (UGS) are walk-in/walk out, non-invasive treatments offered at The Leg Vein Doctor.  They are clinic based procedures which don’t require hospitalisation and therefore easier to schedule into a busy life.  They have been likened to ‘keyhole’ varicose vein surgery.  Down time is negligible as there is no admission to hospital and no general anaesthetic.  You are back on your feet for a 30 minute walk immediately after the procedure and you can then drive home. Upper body weights can continue following treatment as can low impact exercise such as walking, swimming, yoga and pilates. Short intensity running and cycling can recommence usually within at fortnight as long as the patient is cautious and remains alert to their body.

At the initial consultation you will be provided with a treatment plan which is valid for 12 months. Our reception team will happily work with you to find appointment dates that fit around your training schedule and events calendar.

Please visit our Youtube channel www.youtube.com/thelegveindoctor if you are looking for exercises that can help alleviate discomfort in your legs.



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Normal circulation involves blood carrying oxygen being pumped from the heart into the tissues via arteries and then returning de-oxygenated blood carrying other waste products from the tissues back to the heart through the veins. Your arteries might be in good health but if your veins are not working properly and leaking back into the tissues due to varicose veins then in the long term tissue damage to your lower legs can occur leaving you at risk of varicose leg ulcers later in life.  

Walking compresses the deep veins in the leg muscles and this pumps the blood out of the legs. This is the most important mechanism to improve clearance of venous blood out of the legs. If you sit on an aeroplane for a long flight you might be aware of some ankle swelling because you haven’t been walking.

People with venous disease will often find relief from their swollen feet and ankles and alleviation of tired and aching legs by elevating their legs at the end of the day.

There are many and varied medications and devices marketed as circulation boosters (e.g. the brand Revitive).   Medical Graduated Compression Stockings have Evidence Based Medicine to support their use to improve leg vein circulation and improve leg vein health.  

But these methods only provide temporary relief and do not prevent tissue damage from occurring in the long term. An Ultrasound investigation can establish if your aching or swollen legs are caused by poor venous circulation. 

The price of the initial consultation at our Vein Clinic in Brisbane and Toowoomba includes a venous duplex ultrasound examination for which there is a medicare rebate. 

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At The Leg Vein Doctor we work with other Brisbane based health professionals such as GPs, Midwives, Physiotherapists, Personal Trainers and Podiatrists in order to share our knowledge and assist their clients that suffer with varicose veins. 

The video we have collaborated on with neighbouring exercise physiologists BodyTrack shows simple exercises that can potentially assist with reducing pain or congestion in venous system of the legs and as received over 80,000 views to date. 

If you have questions regarding your leg veins you can book in for an initial consultation with Doctor Kemp which includes an ultrasound investigation. All treatment plans are valid for 12 months, you are under no obligation to book in straight away and although GP referrals are preferable they are not required. 

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15% of people in the community develop chronic venous hypertension in their legs because of varicose veins. Unlike “Arterial” hypertension, “Venous” hypertension causes tissue damage due to an accumulation of waste metabolites and a build up of fluid leaking into the subcutaneous tissues under the skin.

After a number of years inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue leads to lipodermatosclerosis where there is damage to the lymphatic system and degeneration of the fat tissue. The skin becomes darkly pigmented, paper thin and vulnerable to injury.

Unfortunately 1-2% of people in the community will develop skin ulceration. This condition can also occur at an early age as we have treated people with skin ulceration in their mid-thirties. Treatment of varicose veins will abolish venous hypertension and prevent skin damage from occurring.

Venous Ulcer on a female patient with untreated Varicose Veins.

Venous Ulcer on a female patient with untreated Varicose Veins.

Lipodermatosclerosis due to untreated Varicose Veins.

Lipodermatosclerosis due to untreated Varicose Veins.

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