Australia will soon have its first dedicated Phlebology Centre thanks to a collaboration between the Phlebology Foundation of Australia (PFA) and Australasian College of Phlebology (ACP).

The centre will share the name 'Phlebology Foundation of Australia' and will be a clinical and research based centre of excellence for the field of Phlebology. The Phlebology Foundation of Australia was originally formed in 2013 as a charity dedicated to clinical, educational and research initiatives of Phlebology.

They endeavour to form a Phlebology Centre in every Australian capital city. Through these centres and their dedicated Outreach Programs, the Foundation will better serve the Indigenous population and socially disadvantaged through the provision of free medical treatment of various chronic venous diseases and vascular anomalies to remote locations across the country.

The overall aim of the centres is to improve the quality of life and highest standards of patient care through medical research  The centres will expand clinical education capabilities and broaden current research in the field of phlebology. This research will help specialists better understand the causes of venous disease, leading to the development of more effective treatments.

For many people, chronic venous disease is rarely understood as a treatable condition which can be managed and not just endured. For the socially disadvantaged population, this treatment is virtually inaccessible as they lack the resources or knowledge that such treatments exist.

Once established The Phlebology Centre is determined to raise both public awareness of research and treatments available in the field, and provide medical treatment for various chronic venous diseases for the socially disadvantaged at no cost.